Frequently asked questions


Why are Countries and Domain Names not appearing?

By default WebReporter does not attempt to resolve IP addresses to names. Many web servers include options to resolve IP addresses, and many other systems process client names natively so this option is disabled by default. Enabling "Resolve IP address to names" in the options dialog will enable IP resolution by WebReporter. Address resolution is dependent on the speed of your DNS server and Internet connection so this option may increase the time to generate reports somewhat.

Why are no user names appearing?


What is the site index?

The site index is a special report that lists all the sites and current status in a similar way to the WebReporter client. The path for this report should be relative to the server the report server is running on.

Why do there appear to be sub-reports missing?

Certain sub-reports will be automatically omitted from reports of no activity for that report has occured in the report period. The exception is all date and time related reports.

Can logs reside on another machine?

Yes. If logs are on another machine within the same network, a UNC name or network share can be used to access the logs. Make sure that the report server, if running as a service, has sufficient permission to access the remote share.

Is my log file supported?

Imagos Software is adding support for new log formats and data sources to each with each new WebReporter release. If you are using a server that you would like to produce bandwidth, useage or business intelligence reports from please contact us and let us know what server you are using.

I am having a problem using WebReporter. What should I do?

First look through the WebReporter manual and FAQ to see if your problem has been covered already. If you are currently evaluating WebReporter or have purchased WebReporter you may send support requests to Please be sure to include the type and version of WebReporter you are using, the platform you are using, which server you are creating reports of, and a brief description of the problem. We will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Why do I get Error 22 when trying to run a report?

Make sure, if you are running WebReporter as a service and your log files reside on a different machine, that the service has sufficient permission to access the remote share. By default Windows services do not have permission to access files on remote machines.

I get a "No data available" or "XML parser update required" error when running a report?

Make sure Microsoft XML parser 3.0 or later has been installed. This installs automatically with IE 5.5 SP1 or later. The update can also be downloaded from the Microsoft web site or from Microsoft XML 3.0 SP2 setup

Other information

There are several useful sites for further reading in log file analysis;