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1.1 Build 33 (30.10.2006)

  • Added support for user content analysis report using webwasher codes in NetCache
  • Added basic geographic analysis report and world map chart (using SVG)
  • Added multi-colum report mode

1.1 Build 32 (2.10.2006)

  • Changed internal user database name from user,cfg to user.xml
  • Updated support for BlueCoat SG, NetCache, and ISA 2004 proxy/firewalls
  • Drill down feature requires log cache to be enabled. Not recommended for large log files.
  • Improved large file processing (logs >1Gb)
  • Added basic support for Cisco PIX firewall (through syslog)
  • Added "avgvalue" and "avgcount" fields for XML extension
  • Added simple "match" to filter logs through XML extension
  • Added grep pattern matching in "match" through XML extension

1.1 Build 31 (17.9.2006)

  • Changed styles config file name from styles.cfg to styles.xml
  • Added XML format extensions. This allows end user log handing for many ASCII log types
  • Added command line param -Ini: to force a settings path
  • Added "Default Chart Type" to style
  • Added "Table Width" to style
  • If a W3C format log is not of a single domain the s-ip field must be present
  • Added support for BlueCoat proxy-firewall servers
  • Added support for NetCache proxy-firewall servers

1.1 Build 30 (17.5.2003)

  • Changed name from WebReporter to WebReporter Professional
  • Changed installer to Windows Installer (MSI based) installer
  • Updated language support for reports
  • Added support for Kerio Firewall 5
  • Added support for
  • Updated support for Kerion Mail Server
  • Updated log reader progress reporting

1.1 Build 29 (5.1.2003)

  • Updated internal architecture
  • Added caching for common report readers
  • Added drill down and filter options for report preview view
  • Added trace and browse site and address options from log properties
  • Updated for new KMS mail log format

1.0 Build 28 (31.07.2002)

  • Added additional charts to proxy report
  • Fix to service registration problem

1.0 Build 27 (21.07.2002)

  • Updated style and language database format
  • Updated default settings path

1.0 Build 26 (12.06.2002)

  • Support NAT based Web Servers with domain@ip domain name
  • Support filter user list by @domain alias for mail servers
  • Updated Apache web server report
  • Updated Merak mail server report to use Summary log entries
  • Updated web log cache format
  • Updated Mail report charts
  • Added processing for WinRoute security NAT log entries
  • Added suport for ZoneAlarm Pro firewall
  • Added new web server reports
  • Added new mail server reports
  • Added Windows XP entry for web clients
  • Added IPSentry filter by source (domain)

1.0 Build 25 (31.03.2002)

  • Added XML report option
  • Added advanced cache for IIS log processing
  • Added support for Kerio Mail Server
  • Added service-less local mode
  • Added extended user report for proxy reports
  • Optional auto-generate user alias for mail reports
  • Update language support template
  • Fix mail per day of week chart title
  • Fix WinRoute dialup report links
  • Fix per hour legend on report views
  • Fix state when stopping service inside client

1.0 Build 24 (14.10.2001)

  • Optional auto-generate user alias for some reports
  • Added support for IIS 5.0
  • Added alias filter for proxy reports
  • Updated status feedback
  • Added support for IMS MMS log entries

1.0 Build 23 (24.09.2001)

  • Updated hourly chart
  • Updated language handling
  • Updated registration handling
  • Extended WinRoute mail log support

1.0 Build 22 (15.07.2001)

  • Revised extension interface
  • Added support for HTML framed reports
  • Added support for Merak mail server
  • Added support for Tiny Software mail server
  • Added support for Netscape Proxy server
  • Added support for Squid Proxy server
  • Added support for Novell Border Manager
  • Added support for Syslog server
  • Added advanced proxy settings
  • Updated scheduler
  • Updated search engine list
  • Updated style handling

1.0 Build 21 (17.06.2001)

  • Added user and department lists for proxy and mail server reports
  • Added TcpDump file format support for network reports
  • Added new sections to MS Proxy report
  • Fix web server list visitor list
  • Extended multiple server support
  • Added style preview
  • Added new site profile wizard

1.0 Build 20 (14.05.2001)

  • Added interactive report summary with charts
  • Added multiple report and site views for multiple servers
  • Updated client interface
  • Updated various reports
  • Added extra styles to trial version
  • General fixes

1.0 Build 19 (3.05.2001)

  • Updated various reports
  • Fixes for Windows 98 SE problems
  • Improved application logging

1.0 Build 18 (16.04.2001)

  • Added Computalynx CProxy log reader
  • Added Pending Mail report for IMS and SICA log readers
  • Added auto-update setting for HTML reports
  • Added text output report to default installation
  • Added report URL setting
  • Added Email report option
  • Update web server reports

1.0 Build 17 (25.02.2001)

  • Added Computalynx CMail log reader
  • Updated installation setup

1.0 Build 16 (19.02.2001)

  • First public release