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CMail Setup Guide

CMail Setup Guide

Imagos Software have developed an extension for WebReporter Pro to provide usage and traffic reports for Computalynx CMail server.

The CMail report extension can provide the following reports;

  • General traffic summary
  • Mail for current day chart and summary
  • Mail for current month and summary
  • Mail per month chart and summary
  • Mail per hour of day chart and summary
  • Mail per day of week chart and summary
The following is a sample CMail traffic report

To install the CMail report extension please follow the following steps;

  • Copy the CMail report extension file into the WebReporter folder
  • From the WebReporter administration program select Add Site
  • Set the site name to what you want displayed on the report
  • Leave Site URL blank or set Set site URL to *
  • Set site type to WebReporter Extension
  • Click the button next to the extension name and select the extsnion file
  • On LogFile tab set the LogPath to the CMail Server logs directory and add \RealtimeLog*.rtl path.
    This will allow the CMail filter to process all RealtimeLog files.
  • Set an output file as required
  • Select reports as required

Please see the WebReporter page for more information or contact Imagos Software for the latest CMail report extension. For more information about CMail contact Computalynx