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WebReporter is a simple to use analysis and reporting solution for single web sites to small enterprise configurations.

WebReporter can analyze a range of different logs, from a diverse range of sources across a collection of servers including many common web, mail and proxy servers. Reports may be generated detailing user activity, bandwith utilization and server status information. Reports can be generated in a variety of styles and formats.

There are several versions of WebReporter currently available. These include a freeware version which supports only IMS and SICA logs, a WinRoute specific version and full commercial version. Information on this site may or may not apply to the version you are running.

Dynamic reports are supported through WebReporters report preview views. These views allow you to filter, drill down and cross reference report data between different report views.


Supported Log Files

The following are some of the log files that can currently be processed by WebReporter:

  • Most common web server logs including Microsoft IIS, Apache and Netscape
  • Bluecoat SG firewall appliances
  • Computalynx Proxy and Mail server
  • Internet Mail Server (IMS/EMWAC) and SICA filter
  • IPSentry
  • Kerio Mail Server
  • Merak Email server by IceWarp
  • Microsoft Exchange server
  • Microsoft FTP and Proxy servers
  • Microsoft ISA 2000, 2004 and 2006 servers
  • NetCache appliances
  • WinRoute Firewall and Mail
  • ZoneAlarm Pro
  • and many more custom log readers via WebReporters plugin interface
Contact us if you have any specific log processing requirements.

Supported Reports

The following are some of the many reports supported:

  • Hourly, daily, and monthly summaries
  • Hour of day and Day of week summaries
  • Requests and bandwidth useage
  • File requests
  • File types
  • Server status
  • Regions, countries, and domains
  • Referers
  • Visitors
  • Broken links
  • Search engines and keywords
WebReports template based reporting can generate custom reports in a number of formats including HTML and XML. Language templates are available to customize report in other languages.


WebReporter Reports

The following are some sample WebReporter reports:

Report and charting style may be defined for each report. Report sections may also be added or subtracted from the final report. Please refer to the WebReporter*manual for different system configurations.

Please contact Imagos Consulting directly about obtaining the latest beta or other custom vesions of WebReporter.