The Acappella Conference Audio Recorder has been specifically developed to solve well known and so far, intractable problems with the conference recording and transcription business process, routinely used in law firms and corporations the world over. Acappella records multiple conference attendees in CD quality sound and tells the typist who is actually speaking.

Acappella supports:

 - Integration into many popular digital dictation packages

 - Unlimited number of attendees

 - Laptop and Desktop PCs

 - Standalone and server installations

 - Individual or batch submission

 - Desktop and lapel microphones

There are a number of Acappella modules. Each module has been designed to compliment your standard operating environment providing a state of the art digital audio recording solution.

Audio Conference Recorder

The Acappella Recorder is a versatile meeting recorder capturing each speaker on their own track. The number of tracks is only limited by the selected recording hardware.

Recording indicators show that the microphones are enabled and indeed hearing something as well as indicating the strength of what they hear. This gives you confidence that the conference is being recorded. Conference details can also be entered and saved with recordings including, but not limited to:

 - Matter name

 - Client name

 - Document type

 - Priority and

 - Attendee names.

The Acappella Recorder may be used on a standard laptop PCs with a PCMCIA slot and standard desktop PCs with a spare PCI slot will be more than adequate for the task. A range of audio interface adapters can be provided to ensure the best quality recordings for your application. A selection of off-the-shelf microphones, both lapel or lavaliere and desktop is also available to ensure system flexibility, openness and allow cost control.

Acappella has been designed to take advantage of the technical features of Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Microsoft SharePoint technology.

Playback Assistant

The Acappella playback assistant interfaces to your chosen digital dictation playback application and indicates who is speaking during the transcription process. Nothing changes about your transcription process; foot pedals, keyboard shortcuts etc remain unaffected by Acappella.

The Acappella playback assistant floats above your chosen word processing application and can be positioned anywhere on the screen as well as minimised for convenience.

Acappella SharePoint Support

Acappella supports Microsoft SharePoint Server technology to provide a truly collaborative environment for conference recordings. Audio recordings can submitted directly into document libraries, and workflows along with associated recording attributes. Recordings can be used with a number of workflow solutions to efficiently handle recording review and transcriptions.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.